About us

Mittal Enterprises was established in 1992 as a small organisation for the supply of certain raw materials mainly to Rubber Industries in South Gujarat and the Union Territories of Daman and Silvassa. Through hard work and enthusiasm, we had achieved a leading position, within a span of a short period. During this period more new products were added and started catering to more industries like Plastic, Ink, Paint and Cosmetic sectors. We are positioned as a leading Distributor of India with an annual sales turnover of around $ 52 millions.

Continuous customer support and professional approach at all levels ensures a dynamism that fuels growth constantly. Apart from existing products, we work together with our customer and supplier for innovative solutions regarding new products. With the unrelenting support of our suppliers as well as customers, we have build an enviable reputation for quality and consistency.

People & Infrastructure

Mr. Nawal Modi, a Chartered Accountant, has been consistently helping corporate customers in identifying right and reliable suppliers. After nurturing these international suppliers for 25 years in the Indian market, they are now trusted suppliers for various top industrial houses in India. He has an expertise in development of business with knowledge of upstream polymerization as well downstream polymer process in plastic industry.

As a part of our growth strategy we want to presence in various key locations across India and we are going to double our existing 20,000 ft² supply point in Daman and Vapi. Apart from our ultramodern 2500 ft² office in Vadodara, we have 4500 ft² corporate office in the existing 20,000 ft² in Vapi & Daman.


Business Model

We offer a unique, flexible, and efficient model of supplying material from our stock and sale facility in quantities, especially for initial trial runs and validation in the formulation. After the approval process, we can also supply on CIF basic for ensuing bulk orders. In rear case, when CIF Supplies are delayed for any reason, we maintain sufficient back-up, ensuring customer supply chain continuity.

Our extensive network in India also helps on sourcing the right product at the right price, for export market in the far East, Middle East, Europe, and African continent, where we also enjoy strong connections.