Flame Retardant

Product is used extensively for rubber, plastic and thermosetting resins, it does not produce any toxic and corrosive gas, and plays three roles such as flame retardancy, smoke suppression and filling. It can be retained in the plastic for a long time due to its non-volatility, non-migration, and does not cause secondary pollution. Articles filled with the product present good surface-finishing and no curliness because of high whiteness degree. It also offers a good processing property, a self-cleaning effect and a moderate abrasive action.

The product has been used in polyvinyl chloride, epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, PE, EVA, rubber, etc.

Products Include:

1) ATO - Antimony Trioxide
1) FA - 06,08,10,15,20,30,50,70,100 (Aluminium Hydroxide)
2) FM - 06,10,15,20,30,50,70 (Magnesium Hydroxide)
3) FB - 50,501 (Zinc Borate Hydroxide)
4) FS - 680, 480D (Silicon Rubber)
5) FAM - 501