Dicumyl Peroxide(DCP)

Dicumyl peroxide is mainly used as cross - linking agent for polymers and elastomers. Polymers which can be cross - linked with organic peroxides are used to produce hose, wires, tires, rubber seals, etc. Dicumyl peroxide can also be used as flame retardant synergist in expanded polystyrene (EPS). In that case, the peroxide is incorporated in small quantities in EPS, and will catalyze the flame retardant action in case of heating.

The free radicals are mainly in application of :
* High polymer polymerization initiators- ex. PVC , LDPE , styrene series , acrylic series …etc.
* Rubber, elastomer crosslinking agent.
* Unsaturated polyester resin curing agent.
* The polypropylene vis-breaking.

About ACE Chemicals

ACE Chemical is the first company in Asia specialized serve for the organic peroxide and the azo initiator company.We are engaged in these chemicals, including production, transportation, sales, storage and product information , consultation, treatment and so on professional service. The ACE Chemical is registered as brand name of Aceox® , we provide various forms and the application entire series for products of free radical provider .

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