UV Stabilizer

SUNOVIN can be categorised by two general classifications - ultraviolet light absorbers (UVA) and hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS). UVAs slow down the degradation process by preferentially absorbing harmful ultravoilet radiation and dissipating it as thermal energy. However, high concentrations of absorbers and sufficient thickness of the polymer are required before enough absorption takes place to effectively remove photo degradation.

HALS do not absorb UV radiation, but act to inhabit degradation of the polymer. Significant levels of stabilization are achieved at relatively low concentrations. HALS high efficiency and longevity are due to a cyclic process wherein the HALS are regenerated rather than consumed during the stabilization process.

The industries to which SUNSHOW serves are Petrochemicals, Agricultural film, Anti bacteria, Coatings, Inks, Personal Care, Elastic floor, Wires & Cables, Masterbatches, and Adhesives.

>Registered Trademark:
a) SUNOVIN® : 770/944/622/901/531 etc
b) SUNNA® : DM/GM (Nucleating Agents)

About Sunshow Speciality Chemical Co. Ltd.

SUNSHOW is one of the leading producers of polymers weather-resistant additives. SUNSHOW additives have protected 4,000,000 tons of polymers every year. SUNSHOW has an annual production of over 10,000 tons of additives, and sales volume of 5,000 tons in, with total turnover around 48 million USD annually.

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