PVC Liquid & Tin Stabilizers

Liquid Stabilizers are exclusively used for manufacturing the plasticized and semi-rigid calendared films. Liquid Stabilizers are the mixtures of salts, aliphatic, aromatic carboxylic acids and alkylphenols with Barium, Cadmium, Zinc and Calcium. All of the elements are mixed in different proportions.

Methyl Tin Stabilizers are the new industry standard for providing heat stability in PVC applications. Its effecient heat stabilizing property is used for processing of PVC plastics’ in applications such as extruding, molding, coating, injection and calendaring. Methyl Tin Stabilizers provides excellent retention of the initial color along with superior and dynamic heat stability, transparency and weather proofing.

Octyl Tin Stabilizers are widely used as non-toxic, tin based, thermal stabilizer for production of rigid PVC packaging materials. These provide both heat and light stability, giving the product the ability to maintain the initial colour.

Butyl Tin Stabilizer is tin-based thermal stabilizer for specific use in PVC compounds. It is a transparent liquid, slightly yellowish product with a characteristic odor. Not indicated for food grade applications. Adequate for any rigid, semi-rigid or plastyfied crystal type material, could be used with other additives such as impact modifiers, fluxes auxiliaries and others that can contribute for the process of the PVC compound. Has a good thermal stability and gives transparency to the final product.

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