Plastics additives are all chemicals which are used to polymerize, process or to modify end use properties of plastics. They may be all chemical used in plastic industry except monomer, polymer, co-polymer or physical mixture of two polymeric components.

Some of the most common ones are plasticizers which are used to lower the glass transition temperature of the polymer (make it softer in a way), fillers to make it cheaper (usually chalk), oily components to improve its rheology. It also improves penetration, flexibility and slip and seal properties of wax and resin coated paper and paperboard products.

Various Other applications are PVC extruded blown films, PVC paste preparation, PVC Medical compounds, wetting & dispersing agent for pigments/additives in various polymers.

Mittal Enterprises is an Authorised Distributor for Western Region.

Major product ranges in Polymers are–

a) Finawax – Slip additives (Finawax E / Finawax O / Finawax SE / Finawax OPA )
b) Finastat – Antistatic additives (Finastat 9500/ Finastat 163/ Finastat SAE 300)
c) Finalux – Lubricants / Flow promoters (Finalux G 161/ Finalux G 700 series / Finalux G 748)
d) Finasperse – Wetting and dispersing additives (Finasperse DT 500 / Finasperse CB)
e) Plastaid – Processing aids (Plastaid T / Plastaid FC 20)
f) Fynol – Viscosity depressant (Fynol 40)

About Fine Organics

Fine Organics is a leading producer of specialty additives for foods, plastics, rubbers, paints, inks, cosmetics, coatings, textiles and several other specialty applications. A process of product development at Fine Organics is driven by the specific requirements received from the customers. The additive solution is provided to achieve the optimum performance in various applications. An exceptional consistent quality product supply and a strong customer technical support from the team helps to build strong customer base.

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